The Three Pillars

The Subtext for these three pillars needs some work to be more of a summary... help requested!


This pillar is all about the different tools a community can leverage. This can be anything from a Discord bot like PokeNav to coordinate raids and provide your community with a TOS friendly raid map, or a sevice like The Silph Road's Silph League that can give your community visibility for new people on their community map, or even something that helps you manage behind the scenes like a project management tool like AirTable which can help you organize your efforts to organize our community.
A sub-goal for this pillar is reviews. Allowing both end user players and community leaders alike to review these tools we feature so that you can get some information of what it's like before having to make a leap of faith to integrate it into your community. For this we're already gathering reviews, even though the website isn't ready for that yet. send your reviews to and we'll keep them safe until the website is ready to feature them.


This one is really important to us, and really important that we can get help with. This Pillar is about getting templates and free source material that we can get into the hands of community leaders and creators to be able to make things. This would be everything from print ready PDFs of event flyers, recruitment cards, or meetup location yard signs that someone could take to a print ship (like Office Depot or something), to web graphic resources like logos, community banners, icons, and custom emojis for their communities. This would also be for text resources as well. A template "Welcome" message for their discord server, a template set of rules, a template for basically anything that a community leader can use as a starting point for all the things they'll need to write, draw, create, or print for their community.


Saving the best for last, this pillar is arguably the most important, and also the most challenging to get right. This pillar fits in nicely with the Tools Pillar, but it's not just about tutorials on how to use tools. Far too often people wanting to start getting their community organized are stopped at step one because they aren't tech or organizationally savy enough to get some of the foundational building blocks in place, a platform to organize onto like Discord. This Pillar is all about getting simple step by step guides that walk people through how to do some of the stuff that seasoned organizers and tech people take for granted. Sometimes this will be highly technical, telling users what to type in and where to click in a set order. Other times this will have to be more nuanced, explaining things like how to host a successful community day or how to handle moderation and discipline withing your community to keep order when trolls threaten to ignite chaos. Things where there are more variables that have to be taken into consideration where it may not be a one size fits all solution also fit into this tutorial pillar. If you'd like to contribute a tutorial, or request a tutorial be made, contact us at

This pillar would also be where things like a community leader of a large community could publish an article about their community, and about the specific ways they function and organize behind the scenes to get their community to the places they've taken it. If there are any community leaders that want to submit an article for publishing with us, email us at

About Trainer Services

Our goal is the same as it’s been since we were the Third Saturday event team, to help trainers by helping local community leaders build better local communities. Community at the grassroots!


Bloggy bits that don't quite fit as a regular page

Registration is Live

Small update for everyone, registration on the website is live! By default you will be a subscriber and unable to post anything, but you will be able to update your profile and on request we’ll Read more…

PokeNav’s POI system, made easier with IITC

This is an IITC plugin that generates and quick-copies PokeNav POI commands to the clipboard for you. Install it here. TL;DR Introduction There I was, trying to get a new gym imported into PokeNav, Read more…

How to Give your Community a TOS Friendly Raid Map

If there is one thing that we all wish Niantic would do, it's give us a map that can show us the nearby or far away gyms, pokestops, and raids. There have been 3rd party alternatives in the wild for quite a while, but most of them in the past have relied on shady methods that are very against TOS, and not something we'd ever recommend. Luckily we've got an alternative for you. PokeNav.

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